Tangkahan (‘the lost paradise’).

Tangkhan is a village located just 2 hours drive from Bukit Lawang.

Famous for its protected Sumatran elephants, it also offers a natural unspoilt environment where you can experience a unique jungle adventure together with elephants, from washing and feeding them to trekking with them through the jungle.

As well as being used for trekking, the elephants also have an important job in the CRU (Conservation Response Unit), patrolling the national park and preventing illegal activities such as poaching, encroachment and illegal logging.

Get In Tangkahan.

​The easiest way to get to Tangkahan is by private taxi or bike from Bukit Lawang or as part of a day tour. Alternatively, you can take public transport from Medan Pinang Baris Terminal.

There are 2 ways you can get to Tangkahan. From Medan there are only 2 buses a day leaving from Pinang Baris Bus Terminal, leaving at 10am and 1pm and taking around 4.5 – 5 hours (longer if raining). The cost is 15,000Rp per person.

Buses leave Tangkahan at 7.30 am and 2.30 pm to go back to Medan.North Sumatra Indonesia

You can also get to Tangkahan from Bukit Lawang either on the back of a motorbike, a very bumpy 3 hour trip or hire a Jeep to take you. Prices for a Jeep is 69 Euros for a one way trip.

Place to Stay.

Jungle Lodge  is probably the nicest place to stay. Located 10 minutes walk from the river crossing. There is now a suspension bridge across the river to get to Jungle Lodge.

Mega Inn located right at the river crossing.

Linnea Resort one of of the newest guest houses in Tangkahan, built in 2012. Linnea Resort is located behind Jungle Lodge with good views down to the river and across to the jungle.

Green Lodge is located right at the elephant camp.

Bamboo River located right next door to Mega Inn.