Sianok canyon is a steep valley located in the city of Bukittinggi, West Sumatra Province. This long, winding valley lies south of the Koto Gadang Gorge to the Sianok Six Suku Gorge, and stops at Palupuh.

This steep canyon has a depth of 100 m and has a length of approximately 15 km with a width of 200 m. Sianok canyon is the separator of Sumatra island into 2 parts that extend or called fault Semangko. Throughout the fault of the wall is very steep and perpendicular to form a green valley that is the result of syncline (movement of the earth’s crust).

Tourist attraction.

Sianok Canyon of Sumatra, In 2007 due to the Sumatra earthquake part of its walls collapsed, but the Sianok Gorge still fascinates the tourists who come. Nevertheless Sianok Gorge get The Best Tourism Object in the Padang Tourism Awards 2007 event which took place in Padang, West Sumatra.

Sianok River Not only the scenery of steep cliffs, Batang Sianok (stems in Minangkabau language meaning river) that flows in the Sianok Gorge also adds to the beauty of tourist sites in West Sumatra. The water is quite clear this empties into the Indian Ocean. Sometimes the flow of the Sianok River is often used for water sports activities such as rafting, kayaking, and canoeing.

In addition, along the riverbank can still be found rafflesia flowers that thrive and diverse plants obta-obat. If you want to see wildlife, you can get into the forest in the Sianok valley. Some of the animals you can meet are gibbons, long-tailed monkeys, deer, leopards, wild pigs, and possibly tapir asia.


Sianok canyon is located in Bukittinggi City, Agam Regency, West Sumatra Province.

Get In.

If you are from Padang, to go to Bukittinggi you can use land transportation by public transport. Travel time approximately 2 hours. Arriving in Bukittinggi, the journey continues with public transport that is often found to the object Sianok Gorge. For your convenience, it is better to use a private car or travel agent.

Facilities and Accommodation.

There are many cozy villas and hotels around the Sianok Canyon. Such as Ambun Suri Hotel Bukittinggi and Parai Mountain Resort.

For food, many stalls that sell food, you will be spoiled with typical dishes of Padang variety. However, Nasi Kapau is a very interesting food menu for you to try. You can try it at Warung located at Pasar Slope.