Mount Sinabung is the right choice to eliminate saturation.

Panorama at the top of Mount Sinabung is not less beautiful, the second highest peak in North Sumatera (North Sumatra) has a height of 2,451 m.dpl. The only mountain in North Sumatra that caught the Lake is found only in Sinabung. Lake Lau Kawar has a natural charm that is so stunning let alone the lake was kept peak Lancuk. Lancuk is one of the high peaks of Karo which is adjacent to Mount Sinabung. Sinabung is a volcano with a Strato type or layered.

Climbing Sinabung is the right choice to eliminate saturation. As long as the climb to the top is still found a beautiful natural tropical forest. Overlapping fields of vegetables overgrown with vegetables, fruit and colorful flowers. In the jungle journey, we will also feel the distinctive smell of leaves and trees to be found in the tropical forest. In addition, we will hear the chirping of birds that so tempt us to observe it more closely by using binoculars. Almost reaching the peak will be through the challenges of heavy rock paths left and right jurangnya pretty steep.

Peak Batu Segal.

The mountain that has a beautifully engraved valley from one ridge to another, has one of the most challenging peaks, the peak of Batu Segal. The name “Batu segal” is given by the Karo Parish around the foot of the mountain. This peak is a towering pillar of stone. Not to mention the charm of Sinabung crater loyal spewing hot steam. The crater was named, Batu Sigala Crater. Reportedly the crater is storing a million mysteries that are not revealed until now. While at the top is quite wide and steep. The eastern peak is seen the beauty of Lake Toba and Medan city dikejauhan. To the west, the beauty of the lake lau kawar and the expanse of people’s houses around the foot of the mountain. From the peak looks Sibayak mountain stature and jejeran mountains beautiful rows of mountains. Being at the peak is usually an average temperature of 15 degrees Celsius.

Sinabung Status.

Administratively, Mount Sinabung is included in Karo district located in Simpang four district. Mountain-footed lake is still incorporated in the Leuser Ecosystem (KEL). The forest owned by Mount Sinabung is a protected forest in the form of natural forest of mountains incorporated in Tahura Bukit Barisan (BB).

Lake Lau Kawar.

Camping with a guitar around a bonfire by the lake at night, is an exciting event to let go of tired after the climb. After dinner after setting up the tent, Climbers usually take the time to talk and establish intimacy with fellow climbers on the edge of the lake with a joke banter. While feeling the cool air of the mountains and the cold night air there climbers tell each other his experiences during the climb. In addition to climbing, usually the visitors come just to camping, fishing and burning fish. This activity dilakoni them to release stress and escape from the routines that curb their daily lives.

The lake is clear water, often also used by visitors to wash dishes used-leftover food after camping, washing the vehicle, and clean themselves after the climb. Being at the foot of the mountain while looking at the beauty of the lake and the peak of Lancuk opposite, the natural beauty radiated by no tara. Peak splendor Lancuk has its own beauty from the other six Karo peaks. The Beauty of Fascinating keeps a million charms that blend with the surrounding nature. When good luck, on a sunny afternoon can be enjoyed sunset (Sunset) from the shore of the lake.