Maimun Palace – The Object of Malay History and Culture.

The road to the city of Medan, has not been complete when visiting the Maimun Palace. The palace built by the king of Deli to-IX named Ma’moen Al Rasyid Perkasa Alamsyah has a special attraction for tourists who visit Medan.

The uniqueness of this building is seen from the architecture that adopts some cultural elements such as Malay, Islam, Spanish, Chinese, Indian and Italian. The golden yellow color that is identical with the Malay tribe becomes the dominant color of the palace building.

The Maimun palace was designed by an Italian architect, but another version says the architect who built the Maimun Palace was T.H. Dutch van Erp. The building was built on an area of 2,772 square meters was built on August 26, 1888 until May 18, 1891 with a total of 30 rooms.

Think To See

Entering the room in your palace will be treated to a stunning view of the interior decoration of Malay and European style. European-style furnishings such as chairs, cabinets and crystal chandeliers. While the influence of Islamic culture, India and Turkey can be encountered on the outside of the palace, which is on the dome-shaped curve like a boat that overturned.

Two-storey building is divided into 3 rooms, main room, right wing room and left wing room. The main room or called the Balairung Sri used to welcome guests or for the coronation of the king of Deli. In the main room you can see various ancient relics such as musical instruments, weapons, photographs and family history of Malay kingdom of Deli from the first until now.

As a souvenir, you can rent a traditional Malay clothes and take pictures with the background of the king’s throne. In addition to the main building Maimun palace, there is one more interesting from this tourist attraction, the cannon or crop cannon that is inside a building in the form of Batak house next to the palace.

According to the inscription that is in front of the building, cannon cannon is the incarnation of a beautiful princess named Mambang Khayali. Mambang Khayali is Princess Green’s sister from the deli kingdom who turned into a cannon to defend the palace from the attack of the Aceh King who was rejected by Princess Putri Green.

Because of continuous firing, the barrel of the cannon became hot and eventually broke into two parts. According to the story, the other part of the cannon was thrown into Kampung Sukanalu, Kecamatan Barus Jahe, Tanah Karo.

If curious about the shape of the cannon cannon, you can enter into the building just by paying the cleaning money of Rp 5000, inside the building there will be a guide who will explain about the origin and legend of the cannon cannon.

Access to Maimun Palace Site

Maimun palace is located in the center of Medan City precisely on the road Brigjen Katamso, Village Sukaraja Medan Maimun district, Medan City. From KualaNamu airport is only about 33 km with a travel time 53 minutes toward the city center.

If you happen to stay in downtown Medan, can use taxi or motor rickshaw (Betor) to go to Maimun Palace.