Lake Singkarak,The sea of clear water.

The fishing boats scattered on the surface of the lake to find fish, plus the green scenery around the lake. Yes, this kind of scenery that you will encounter in Lake Singkarak, West Sumatra. This lake is about 70 km from Padang, the capital of West Sumatra.

Lake Singkarak stretched and administratively included in two districts in West Sumatra, namely Solok and Tanah Datar. With an area of about 1,000 hectares, this lake becomes the second largest in the Sumatra plain after Lake Toba. Lake with a depth of 268 meters and is at an altitude of 363.5 meters above sea level is included in the type of tectonic lake because it is estimated to be formed due to the shift of the earth’s plate.

Although relatively large, but not many species of fish that live in the waters of Lake Singkarak. There are only 19 species of fish recorded living in this lake. This is possible because of the limited amount of plankton that fish food in general. Plankton is difficult to live here because of the depth of the lake that makes the sun can not penetrate the bottom of the lake.

Because of its beauty, Lake Singkarak become one datu tourist place visited by crowds of people around and also from out of town. The beauty of this tourist spot was first known widely in 1905 through the journal of biology owned by Ernst Haeckel, a researcher from Germany. Not only researching the ecosystem of Lake Singkarak and its surroundings, Haeckel is also amazed by the beauty of this lake, thus making it summarize the beauty of Lake Singkarak in a painting.

There are many activities you can do to enjoy Lake Singkarak. You can swim in its clear lakes, ride boats around the lake, fishing by the lake or catching fish. Do not forget to bring your camera to immortalize the beauty of this sights. The vast lake with the green Bukit Barisan backdrop beyond it is a pity to miss.

In addition to these activities, you can also do culinary tours in the stalls that exist around this resort. If eating in the stall is unsatisfactory, try fishing or catching fish and burning it on the shore of the lake with friends. This can be a fun experience.

As a lake of West Sumatran pride as well as a natural tourist attractions, Lake Singkarak has some unique things that are interesting for you to know, including:

Tour de Singkarak

Lake Singkarak is part of the Tour de Singkarak, an international cycling event that is regularly held every year. Tour de Singkarak is supported by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy and Amaury Sport Organization, the organizer of a similar event in France, the Tour de France.

our de Singkarak was first held in 2009. Furthermore, the holding time lasts for a week between April – June with seven stages that must be passed by participants. Tour de Singkarak is not just a bicycle race on the highway, but also the introduction of culture and natural beauty of West Sumatra. Along the route that must be taken, participants will be treated to a view of cultural diversity Minang and also the natural beauty of West Sumatra.

Initially, Tour de Singkarak starts from the starting line in Padang city and ends at Lake Singkarak Wharf. Then since 2012, the starting line starts from Sawahlunto, a historic old town in West Sumatra and ends in the city of Padang. Although no longer a finish line location, but Lake Singkarak still remain part of the Tour de Singkarak along with Lake Maninjau and several other interesting sights.

Bilih Fist

Recorded about 19 species of fish that live in the waters of Lake Singkarak today. One of these fish species is the bilih fish (Mystacoleucus padangensis). Fish bilih be special because it can only live in this lake only. Many are trying to breed this fish outside Lake Singkarak, but always fail because the fish always turn dead.

Normally small bilih fish, maximum length only about 10 cm with silver sparkling scales. Of the 19 species of fish that exist, bilih fish is the largest number estimated in the lake waters. Bilih fish become economic source of local people. The fishermen arrested him and sold him to the stalls. This fish is most delicious if fried and sauce.

In addition to sold in stalls, dried fried bilih fish are also available at the sale of souvenirs around this tourist spot. Fish packed in plastic of various sizes and you can make a typical souvenir by Lake Singkarak.

Lake Singkarak grew longer from time to time

Because it belongs to the category of tectonic lake, the size of Lake Singkarak can still change following the shift of the earth’s plate. According to experts, the length of the lake is initially only 3 km, then increased to 8 km, 13 km and now about 23 km. The length of this lake is expected to continue to grow.