Lake Lau KAWAR, the Beauty at the Feet of Mount SINABUNG.

Talking about the lake of course many places that can be visited in North Sumatra the most famous Lake Toba certainly has a million beauty and also the many activities that can be done in the lake. And there is one more lake that is still not widely known by tourists is Lake LAU KAWAR is no less beautiful than Lake Toba. Lake LAU KAWAR precisely located right at the foot of Mount SINABUNG.

Lake Lau KAWAR is located in the LEUSER Ecosystem area and is located in KUTAGUGUNG Village sub-district NAMANTERAN, just below the foot of Mount SINABUNG, KARO district, North Sumatra province. If from the city of Medan to reach to the lake of Lake LAU KAWAR more or less takes 3 hours with a distance of about 70 KM. Even on the way you can see the natural beauty that is presented by nature. You can also see the dashing of Mount SINABUNG which is quite arid. The blue sky is adorned with white clouds that seem to endlessly spoil the sight of tourists all the way to Lake LAU KAWAR.

Lake LAU KAWAR also has access is not difficult, because the road is also good and also has been paved. Tourists who come to Lake LAU KAWAR not charged to be able to enjoy the charm of the natural beauty of Lake LAU KAWAR under the foot of Mount SINABUNG. There are several places for you to enjoy the lake with the cool weather and the warm sun while at the edge of the lake. This lake is also commonly used for nature lovers to rest before returning to continue the climb to Mount SINABUNG.

Lake LAU KAWAR provided some facilities such as enjoying the lake water scenery is green due to refraction of the green evidence-hills around the lake. You can rent a boat to circle the lake, even if you want more sensation than that you can use bamboo raft commonly used by local people for fishing.

On the side of lake there is also Camping Ground of 3 Ha, Can also be used as a place to make a tent for climbers or tourists who want to spend the night enjoying the natural surroundings. From this place can also clearly visible Mount SINABUNG that stood so that visitors can also enjoy the view closer to Mount SINABUNG.

Lake LAU KAWAR is a very pleasant and interesting tourist destination to visit when you are in North Sumatra by presenting beautiful scenery at the foot of Mount SINABUNG. But unfortunately the last few years the natural conditions around Mount Sinabung not possible to travel there because Mount Sinabung still in alert status 4.